My attention lingers in perceptual details of experience, often observing the ephemeral.  While abstracted, the different modalities within my bodies of work serve as a kind of stand-in for the human form and condition in an age of anxiety.

The materials selected are specific, for each body of work has a voice and vocabulary all its own.

My academic training and thinking stems from being a painter. I manipulate painting with processes like printing, stitching, cutting and collage, and integrate these materials to probe the layers of consciousness surrounding our shared experience. 

Engagement with literal and conceptual references to the language and landscape of the body is fertile ground to cultivate the tenuous relationship between the corporeal and the ethereal. Heightening this dialectic between opacity and transparency, presence and absence -- cast shadows animate the balance between form and formlessness. In some works, text signifies the spoken or written word, reminding us that language is elicited through the body. The connection to bodily gesture and action is also articulated through scale; many of the forms seem to offer an invitation to touch, hold, or even inhabit.

Frequently testing new, potent materials and techniques plays a large role in my process. An investment in experimentation and failure takes me to unforeseen territory. Ultimately I am attracted to moments when strength and fragility coexist, in that elusive space within each of us where power dwells in vulnerability.