These Were the Countless Moments for Renewal
Rebuilding was the Promise She Made to Herself
She Took Pleasure in Her Resurrection
She Started Over
It Was Fresh New Land She Dreamed About
The Flesh Delighted in New Promise
She Had to Let Go to Grow
The Nutrients Formed Her New Body
Her Restoration Materialized Slowly
It was Felt on a Cellular Level
The Necessary Fires Made It Happen
Her Lifeline
While It Hurt She Felt Replenished
She Found Her Direction
She Was Ready to Move On
Her Cellular Proliferation Ensued
Clearing Out Meant She Had Moved On
It Meant a New Life
She Needed A Transition
She Had to Choose Which Path to Follow
She Felt Her Ancestors Rising Up
She Was Able to Find Safe Havens
She Felt It In Her Flesh and Bones
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