I am interested in creating awareness related to the ways we connect and communicate in the world. My academic training and thinking stems from being a painter. Manipulating paint with processes like printing, stitching, cutting and collage, I integrate materials to reveal the layers of consciousness surrounding our shared experience.

Drawn to cultural markers like language, architecture and religion, my subjective acting and sensing self (embodied perception) is my point of departure, but not to be privileged over other entities. Site and specificity locate my practice within direct corporal experience. My engagement with literal and conceptual references to the language and landscape of the body is fertile ground to cultivate the tenuous relationship between the corporeal and the ethereal. This investment in the directly felt affect can harness ideas beyond the concrete, as well as what is held within it. Heightening the dialectic between opacity and transparency, presence and absence, cast shadows animate this balance between form and formlessness. In some works, text signifies the spoken or written word, reminding us that language is elicited through the body. The connection to bodily gesture and action is also articulated through scale; many of the forms elicit a desire to touch, hold, or even inhabit.

I am attracted to that elusive space within each of us where power dwells in vulnerability.