Deborah Kapoor is a Seattle-based artist who creates prints, paintings and sculpture about the distilled poetry within cultural markers. She explores perceptual details of physical experience, examining themes of the feminine, landscape of the body, and embodiment of phenomena.

Kapoor’s interest in encaustic is heightened by the flexibility of the medium, pushing or stretching convention to incorporate new materials that support the content of each body of work. Frequently she uses soft, natural materials such as fibers, threads, and cloth intentionally to reify the sensuous, and the corporal.

She has exhibited widely in the United States -- at Square Foot Art Basel Miami, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago), Trenton City Museum, the Crane Arts Center (Philadelphia), Kimball Art Center (Salt Lake City), Seattle City Hall, and at universities and commercial galleries. Her works have been published in magazines Fiber Art Now (2016) and Surface Design Journal (Winter 2015/2016 issue) as well as in books Encaustic in the Twenty-First Century (Ashley Rooney 2016), Authentic Visual Voices (Catherine Nash, 2013), The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy (Holly Cohen Roochvarg & Christopher Calderhead 2012), Paper + Wax, Techniques for Combining Handmade Paper with Encaustic Paint (Michelle Belto 2012), and Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility (Daniella Woolf, 2010). 

Kapoor has taught at Columbia College (Chicago), College of DuPage, Harper College, and currently teaches at Bellevue College. She earned her MFA at the University of Delaware, and BFA at the University of North Texas. You can see more of her work at ArtXchange Gallery, Seattle, and Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, AZ.